How To Translate a Theme / Plugin?

All our themes and plugins are delivered with fully localized. This means that it is very easily translatable and compatible with multilingual sites.

If you need to translate one of our theme or plugin, here is the process:

  1. Download Poedit (Windows & Mac versions available) & install it on your computer
  2. Start the software and click on the “Open” button
  3. Browse to the theme or plugin directory and open the “language” folder
  4. Open the file default.po
  5. Translate each line using the Translation box
  6. Save the translated file and name it as follows: languagecode_COUNTRYCODE (eg. en_US / fr_FR / es_ES…)
  7. 2 files will be created: 1 .po file and 1 .mo file
  8. Copy those 2 files in the plugin’s language folder (if this is not where you saved them)

From now, the theme / plugin language will match the WordPress install language.

After you have translated the file, if you want to have it included in the next release, please use this form.


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